"Axel's No-BS Approach to Coaching Has Inspired His Clients to Reach New Heights and His Vast Experience in Many Industries Marks Him As One Of the Few Who Have Actually Walked the Talk!"

No Wonder He's Been Dubbed "The Wizard of Wealth"

After leaving school at fifteen to look after the family business, Axel was involved in many different and diverse businesses, and in many different capacities, ranging from salesman to Managing Director (mostly that means you get to lock up after completing all the tasks left uncompleted by your staff).

His areas of experience include cars, insurance, lighting, fashion, furniture, financial services - including running "The MBA of banking for The British Chamber of Commerce" - throw in a bit of property development for good measure and you’ve got a pretty good picture.

He's also worked in many different countries, including five years in Russia working for a humanitarian foundation as a business consultant running over 600 small to medium sized companies with a staff numbering in the many thousands. Axel has again set up what he coins as a "Self Sustaining Foundation" in the Philippines.

Unfortunately Axel became very sick and had to return home, only to find that his so-called business "partners" had destroyed his capital base and he was basically back at square one!

Since then Axel has rebuilt his fortune and helped many others do the same. Having long ago achieved his goal of happiness, Axel has now started to work, not for himself but for others. This includes the newly founded ReGain Life Foundation and also personalised one on one coaching.